On Thursday 4th November our charity is hosting its first ever Firewalk at the Thomas A Becket pub! Why not bring your friends and family as you learn to conquer your fears by walking across 30ft of burning coals?

And all of this whilst raising money for our invaluable work, changing the lives of the most vulnerable in your community.

What is a firewalk and why should I take part?

Firewalking is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers or stones. It has a long history in many cultures as a test or proof of faith, and the act is also used in modern motivational seminars.

A firewalk is the most inspirational journey you will ever undertake. It is as the name suggests: a bare foot walk over red-hot wood embers measuring around 800 degrees. No tricks, no special effects; just you and the fire.

The decision to walk across the coals is dramatically life changing. Not just because you have decided to firewalk, but because you have consciously decided not to let your fear inhibit your actions. After all, if you can walk safely across hot coals, what else is possible?

Integral to the night is a seminar teaching you the techniques needed to conquer your fear. Once you take the power away from fear, there is really nothing stopping you.

What will the night look like?

You can see what the night will look like in the video below.

How to take part

It costs £25 to register at the bottom of this page.

We are also asking for a minimum sponsorship of £100. If this isn’t raised a week before the event, we ask you make up the difference, which will cover the costs of the event itself.

We will send you a link to join the JustGiving group when you have signed up so that you can get all your friends and family to sponsor you. You can also download a physical sponsorship form here.

Estimated event timings

• Registration: 5.30pm to 6pm
• Seminar: 6pm to 7.30pm
• Firewalk: From 7.30pm


To take part you must be aged 16 and over and be able to walk unaided at a brisk pace for five to six steps.

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to this event's sponsors, Wightman & Parrish, specialists in the supply of healthcare & hygiene products, and the Thomas A Becket Pub.

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