The former charity Worthing Scope formed in the 1960's. Over those years it grew and changed to ensure it continued to support the needs of people with a learning disability, especially cerebral palsy, and their families. On 1st October 2018 Worthing Scope joined forces with Guild Care. 

  A service user of Guild Care Learning Disabilities service at the Fitzalan Centre      Children with learning disabilities at Birkdale Centre - Superscopers club

Who we support

Today as part of Guild Care, this service continues to supports people with a learning disability to maintain control over their lives, to share in the opportunities, enjoyment and challenges of everyday life. We work in partnership with the local community to uphold the rights of disabled people and promote equality.

What we offer

  • Day centres: Monday to Friday providing a range of activities, high staff ratios and good levels of support
  • Social club: Provides a chance for adults with a learning disability to meet and socialise in a safe and supported environment
  • Super Scopers: A family chat and play service for children with additional physical needs. The group provides opportunities for children, parents, siblings and extended family members to relax in a welcoming environment.
  • Housing and assisted living: We have several adapted properties providing supported living and independent tenancies to tenants with a disability
  • Community liaison service: Support and advice available on a range of issues such as benefits, leisure activities, care needs assessments, carer's assessments, transition between services, completing forms, EHCP's, employment grants, complaints or appeals.