Almost one-third of people in the UK have never in their lives donated money to charity, with the most popular reason for not doing so emerging as a distrust of charity management.

This is according to new research carried out by YouGov, reported on by Civil Society, revealing that 32 per cent of Brits believe too much money goes toward the administrative side of running a trust, instead of going towards their particular causes.

“The research shows that there is a significant portion of Brits who have never donated to charity. However, what is encouraging is that the most commonly cited reason for not donating, worrying that administrative costs consume too large a portion of funds, could be less of a barrier with more reassurance and education from charities,” director of not-for-profit research at YouGov Briony Gunston said.

Other reasons for not donating included not being able to afford to, or preferring to donate in other ways such as by giving goods to charity shops or volunteering. Some survey respondents also said that they thought the state should do the work of charities through taxation, while others admitted they just don’t believe in giving to charity.

The Charities Aid Foundation recently published its UK Giving 2019 report, revealing that the proportion of people giving money to charity has seen a steady drop between 2016 and 2018, down from 69 per cent to 65 per cent in 2018. That being said, although there are fewer people actually donating, those who do are giving higher amounts.

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