April 2018

It was back in April 1933 that a small team of dedicated volunteers started the Worthing Council of Social Service, now known as Guild Care! 

Effie Methold, Frank Cave, Arthur Linfield, the Reverent E. Arthur Haviland and many others joined together in order to create a kinder, more caring society and since then thousands of people from Worthing and the local area have been able to enjoy a better life.

Working as a team, they persuaded local people to pledge money for those in need. This meant that, well ahead of the introduction of the NHS and Welfare State in 1948, Worthing was leading the way with free school milk, free dental treatment for adolescents, grants and loans to those facing financial hardship, a soup kitchen, legal aid and even subsidised or free footwear for people on low incomes.

From those very small beginnings over eight decades ago, Guild Care is now one of the largest employers in Worthing, with the help of over 650 staff and amazing support from 250 volunteers we are able to help over 3,000 adults and children in need every year.

As we  celebrate our 85th year we have launched a new and exciting recruitment campaign to attract more people to work in our three care homes. We will be running the advertising promotion in the local press, on the radio, town centre displays, bus shelters and buses too. So please do look out for them around town.

Debbie Dollner, Chief Operating Officer, explains why in the current economic climate and the fact that Worthing has the second oldest population in the UK, she believes joining the care sector now is a great opportunity for someone who’s never considered it before:

“Just look at the high street, major retailers are really struggling with so many announcements that shops are closing down. If you want a career that really makes a difference to people’s lives, and makes you feel good about coming to work, come and work in care, there will always be a job for you and it’s a really rewarding career.”

Chief executive Suzanne Millard added: “This is an exciting time for Guild Care as we are looking to expand and recruit more people to our wonderful local charity. As an organisation, we have always adapted and responded to the many changing needs of the people of Worthing – that is what has helped us to survive for 85 years which is a major achievement. 

“We now want Guild care to be the local ‘employer of choice’ for staff who want to work in social care. We believe that this ambition is essential if we are to achieve ‘outstanding’ services that provide the highest quality of care.

“Finally, a big thank you to our staff and supporters who have contributed to the success of Guild Care over the years and long may it continue!”