Our charity been providing door-to-door community transport since the 1960s, allowing people to access the services we provide. Our Transport Team provides lifts to 480 passengers a year in and around Worthing.

We rely on volunteer drivers to make these journeys, which is why we are reaching out for more people to join the team.

Clair has been volunteering as a minibus driver, a role that she is able to fit around work commitments, for over two years. She said, “I have such a great time volunteering, driving people home from their day at the Guild Care Centre. I had always enjoyed driving and meeting people. I love the interaction with the customers when I am helping them on and off the bus. There are always plenty of laughs.”

Clair has been volunteering for over two years

We recognise and greatly appreciate the skills, experience and enthusiasm volunteers bring, with every single one of them helping to make a big difference to the people we work with.

Kay, 79, has been coming to our Friendship Club for over 10 years. She said: “I’d be sitting at home alone if it wasn’t for Guild Care’s fantastic community transport service bringing me here twice a week.

“It’s been a godsend. I can’t praise the transport service enough, the drivers are all wonderful and so friendly and kind.”

Kay has been coming to our Friendship Club for over 10 years

Volunteer driving is a flexible role and you can commit to as much or as little as you choose, with services running on weekdays, evenings and weekends.

Ric has been volunteering as a Guild Care minibus driver for 11 years after being recommended to join by a friend. He said: “I enjoy the fact that we meet such lovely people, we have some wonderful members, they’ve got a great sense of humour.

“I also enjoy the driving and volunteering fits around my life really nicely. So, when I can’t drive, I just let them know and they’ll find somebody else. We all work as a great team together.”

Ric has been volunteering for 11 years

So, if you are friendly, caring and have a few hours to spare, then volunteering as a minibus driver could be for you!

Our volunteer drivers are provided with full training and ongoing support. So, no minibus driving experience is needed, you just need to be a confident driver! Due to the terms of our insurance, volunteer drivers need to be aged between 22 and 70 years old and should have held a driving licence for at least two years.

You can find more information about becoming a volunteer minibus driver here.