22nd May, 2020 

Our Home Care service enables older people and vulnerable adults in Worthing and its surrounding areas to lead better quality lives whilst remaining safe and comfortable in their own homes. 

The service’s Community Care Assistants help with personal care, domestic help, emotional support and general assistance with other tasks such as shopping, medication and mobility. 

Linda, who previously worked as a Residential Care Manager for Social Services, is one of our valued Home Care clients. Asked how she would describe her carer in three words, she answered “Thoughtful, understanding and kind” and said, “I look forward to my carer arriving each morning for the help they give me alongside a friendly encouraging conversation.” 

She was kind enough to talk to us about how she came to Guild Care and her thoughts on the service. 

If you would have any questions about our Home Care service, you can contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 01903 327327 or via our online form. 

Can you please tell us a little about yourself? 

When I retired, I moved to Dorset with my husband. I lived for fourteen years in lovely rural Dorset. I returned to Worthing just a year and a half ago to be nearer to my family. 

I’m pleased to have come back to Worthing because I previously had lived here most of my life and brought up my family here. So, they’re all living in the area with my nine grandchildren. It’s lovely being able to see them. 

How long have you been using our Home Care service for? 

I’ve been using the Home Care service since I returned to Worthing.  

I had a break for about three months because I was admitted to hospital. But when I came back into the system again, I wanted to come back to Guild Care. 

Why did you want to come back to Guild Care? 

All the years I worked with older people in residential care, I always knew Guild Care had a good reputation. So, in the beginning, that’s why I wanted to use Guild Care. And then when I came out of hospital, from previous experience of knowing how thoughtful everybody was, I wanted to use Guild Care again. 

How regularly does the team visit you? 

I have a carer each morning, fairly early. 

How do the carers help you? 

Well, because I am a wheelchair dependent person now, they help me to shower or wash and to be on hand. But at the same time, they allow me to be independent as I possibly can. But as I wear callipers now, I need help with that sort of area of things. 

Would you recommend Home Care to others? If so, why? 

I would definitely recommend Guild Care, because of my knowledge of Guild Care previously, and because the carers I’ve come across have always been very thoughtful and understanding, and good at their job, really. 

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we strictly have the same carer visiting specific clients. Have you enjoyed seeing the same carer on a regular basis? 

Definitely – that’s made a big difference. I’ve appreciated that. 

Would you say seeing the same person every day has had a positive impact on your wellbeing? 

You do become quite friendly. I like talking to people – as you can tell! 

Because it’s a regular person, of course it helps with communication and you know something about each other, so you’re not saying the same basic what’s the weather like today?” - You know, you can say, ‘Did you find your cat last night?’ or something.  

Because I can communicate quite well, I can explain what I would like to do; but of course, if they’ve been in here a few times, then it follows a pattern and they work with me very well. 

If you would have any questions about our Home Care service, you can contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 01903 327327 or via our online form.