2nd September, 2020

Caring for a loved one can be demanding and stressful. We all deserve an occasional break, but even more so when such responsibilities are on the table. That’s where a ‘respite stay’ in a care home can help, giving carers time to themselves whilst knowing that their loved one is safe and secure.

We offer a range of short-term care, usually ranging from one to six weeks - although longer stays can be negotiated. These stays can be booked up to 12 months in advance. If space is available, they can also be provided at short notice in emergencies.

Care home resident sat smiling in a chairCare home resident sat smiling in a chair

Short-term visitors can enjoy the social environment, or if they prefer, peace and quiet in their comfortable rooms

Short terms visitors at one of our charity’s three care homes live well, enjoying 24/7 care, home-made food and charming landscaped gardens. The homes can be a social environment, too, with visitors being welcome to join in with the daily activities and make new friends. Although, those preferring peace and quiet are also more than welcome to stay in their comfortable rooms.

Cat Walsh, our Head of Quality & Customer Services at Guild Care, said: “Recently we’ve had an increase in calls from families who have seen their loved one rapidly decline. One example is of a lady who was driving, shopping and active, but since lockdown has become isolated, withdrawn, was not eating or drinking properly and became forgetful as her daily structure had gone. There was a really significant decline.”

The family were concerned about their mum’s wellbeing and talked to us about the care options available.

Cat added: “We were able to offer a couple of weeks respite to get mum back on her feet. The great thing about respite in a care home is that you know you will get 24/7 care support, three good nutritious meals a day, as well as social interaction with others.

“Respite also gives the carers breathing space to arrange extra care packages and specialist equipment that may now be needed all with a view to getting their loved one back home. Sometimes though a short stay could see that person feeling really settled and happy in the home so it can be a taster as well to see if a this could be a permanent stay in the future.”

Alan Lee had a stroke several years ago and is currently convalescing at Caer Gwent following a fall

Short-term stays can also function as convalescence. Convalescent care allows someone to be looked after whilst recovering from an operation, injury or illness. 

Alan Lee, who had a stroke several years ago, is currently convalescing at Caer Gwent following a fall. He said: “I was a bit apprehensive when they said I was going into a care home, but it’s just wonderful. It’s like staying in a hotel - beautiful surroundings, great food and I just feel so much better. The staff and management are all very friendly, caring and professional and they have put me back together!”

We offer respite and convalescence in all three of our Worthing care homes – two of which facilitate residents with dementia. If you would like further information, please call our Customer Service Team on 01903 327327 or email [email protected].