Caring for a loved one as they grow older comes naturally to manyHowever, needs progress, and providing elderly care can become too difficult to do alone or require professional help.

Unfortunately, the needs of your loved one won’t disappear whilst you look for the help and support that matches their needs. Every set of circumstances is different and finding the right information quickly is very important.

To make your information journey easier, were going to explain what the key differences are between residential and nursing care homes and which would be the best choice for your loved one.

Nursing home resident holding hands with a carer

What is a residential care home?

This type of home is for individuals who find difficulty with day-to-day routines and need a little bit of extra support with personal care - but they wish to remain as independent as possibleHelp could be provided with eating, washing, cleaning, using the toiletor any other tasks that an individual finds themselves struggling with.

These homes can be a short-term or permanent residence depending on the needs of the individual. They will include 24-hour service, both care and support, provided by professional care staff. You can expect dining facilities with a catering service, planned activities and outings, and many amenities found at hotels, such as Wi-Fi and secure access for residents and staff.

Care home resident smiling at the camera

What is a nursing care home?

Also known as a residential nursing home or a care home with nursing, nursing homes provide all of the care and support a residential care home does, but with the added support of 24-hour nursing care and monitoring by a registered nurse (RN).

Individuals with complex medical requirements that need regular treatments, such as injections, or have evolving needs that require bespoke care plans and monitoring would be best suited to a nursing home.

These homes have specialist staff and equipment to recognise changing symptoms and to safely and effectively administer care for a wide variety of illnesses and conditions.

The garden of Caer Gwent nursing home

Guild Care runs three nursing homes, two of which also cater for residents with dementia. If you would like to find out more, please give our Customer Service Team a call on 01903 327327.