When looking for a care home for yourself or a loved one, whether it be for a short or long-term stay, the array of terms you’re confronted with can be a little overwhelming.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. Our charity has been running and operating care homes in the Worthing area since the 1940s, so we’re confident that we can offer some clarity.

Respite care versus convalescent care – what’s the difference?

One common area of confusion is the difference between a care home offering ‘respite’ and ‘convalescent’ care.

Both terms refer to a care home providing a short-term stay with 24/7 care, but they differ in their goals. Respite care’s goal is to provide a break for full-time carers, whereas convalescent care’s goal is to give a person the support they require whilst recovering from an illness, injury, or operation.

Respite care in a bit more depth

There are numerous reasons why you would want to find respite care for a loved one. Perhaps you need a break to recharge your batteries, or maybe you need time to recover from your own health issues. Whatever the need is, it’s valid.

Respite care usually ranges from one to six weeks with around-the-clock care. During this time, you can relax in the knowledge that your loved one is receiving all the support that they need in a safe and secure environment.

As well as giving you a much-needed break, respite care also provides your loved one with a change of scenery, which is beneficial in and of itself. Also, it gives them the experience of living in a care home, preparing them for such an environment should they decide to make the change later in the long-term.

Care home resident sat smiling in a chair

Convalescent care in a bit more depth

Convalescent care also provides around-the-clock care, though in this case the goal is to make sure you yourself can recover in a relaxing and safe environment.

This recovery could be from any illness, injury or operation that puts you into a position where you feel that help is required. Whatever the issue, the goal of convalescence is to get you back to a place where you can cope without support.

How Guild Care can help

We provide both respite and convalescent care at our three care homes in Worthing, West Sussex. If you would like to find out more, give our friendly Customer Service Team a call on 01903 327327.