Meet Les Poplawski, Director of Safety and Compliance at Guild Care

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Talking to Dianne, a Worthing Cares Volunteer

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Talking to Roy, a Worthing Cares Vounteer

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Talking to Caroline, a Worthing Cares Volunteer

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Talking to Becky, Guild Care’s Recruitment Manager

Becky Sinclair is Guild Care’s Recruitment Manager. Before joining our charity, she worked in care for 13 years. Read more

Our respite and convalescent care provide peace of mind

We provide short-term stays, offering carers a break or a supportive environment for people to convalesce in following an operation, injury or illness. Read more

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Talking to Sara, a volunteer at our Goring Road charity shop

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Talking to Mark, Guild Care’s Volunteer Coordinator

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Talking to Linda, a valued Home Care client

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Talking to Lisa, a Community Care Assistant

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