Time Out for Carers is a day service that provides respite for carers of those living with a dementia diagnosis. It currently runs three times a week, giving carers a break whilst their loved ones take part in meaningful activities at our Bradbury Wellbeing Centre. The centre is purpose-built, and visitors are often astounded with the visual impact of the environment.

Each Time Out for Carers member is recognised as an individual with a unique life story, history, choices, and set of preferences. They’re not just ‘another service user'. Knowing the life story of each member helps us support them in their own unique way.

Doris, a Time Out for Carers member

One daughter of a Time Out for Carers member recently said, “The best thing about the Time out for Carers service is that I know that my dad is happy and being stimulated – I am very much a believer that if you keep your mind stimulated it helps stop the decline.”

Doris, 91, has been coming to Time Out for Carers for almost a year now. She lives with her son, Paul, who is her primary carer. Paul said, “Mum doesn’t really like going out and leaving home but is excited when she comes to the Bradbury Wellbeing Centre; when she comes home, she remembers it for a while. It gives her space and structure, almost as if her brain has been rebooted for a while.”

Doris getting ready for a colouring activity

Doris’s story is not unique. Dementia affects people and their carers in different ways, but the team at Bradbury – with care, time, and dedication – love getting to know each and every member, making their time at the groups special.

To find out more about Time Out for Cares click here or call our friendly Customer Service Team on 01903 327327.

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