Excitingly we have two runners in this year’s London Marathon which will be the first since 2019!

If you would like to support them in this event then you can do so by clicking on their names below:

Claire-boak Tony Hogben

Claire is running for her dad who was diagnosed with dementia in 2019, the year she started running. He was always a fit man and had run the Worthing marathon in 1984.  Since 2021 he has been a resident at Linfield House where Claire feels he receives the care he needs and has commented on the support and kindness shown to them as a family throughout this difficult time.

Tony is running to give something back to the local community – he learnt lessons about hard work and social responsibility from his Mum at a young age and has chosen to support the work we do in the community by raising funds.

If you are interested in running for Guild Care in any future events, please email Auds, our Fundraising Partnership Officer, at [email protected].

You can find out lots more information about the London Marathon in the organiser’s ‘London Marathon Event Guide’.