Benn is  in his 20s and has been attending regular sessions at Ashdown Extra since 2012. He is a happy and cheeky young man who has Downs Syndrome.

Benn enjoys participating in a wide variety of activities and has a good bond with his peers.  

He uses some speech to communicate but sometimes supplements this with some Makaton to support what he is telling people.

Since Benn joined the service he has become much more sociable towards the other members of the group over time as when he started he would only really interact with others who he knew from other settings.

He particularly enjoys activities which are food based such as cooking and eating out, and he likes to go out to do activities such as bowling and dancing.

"There is nothing else in the area, which gives Benn the independence and confidence to socialise with his peers in  a safe environment where his parents aren’t around.

We know Benn really enjoys the range of activities provided and really looks forward to each session. We know that Benn is happy and safe, which means we can plan and enjoy 3 hours respite this provides and we can relax as well.

There is very little in West Sussex that provides these sort of activities for young adults with learning difficulties.

We are very fortunate and grateful to have access to Ashdown extra and the excellent staff.” Quote from Benn's parents