Dora first arrived at our Irene House care home and is now with us at Haviland House. Her daughter talks about the special care she's had and how she's flourished.

"Mum arrived at Guild Care’s Irene House from another care home practically comatose, looking unkempt and unable to eat solid food or swallow properly. Directly I arrived at Irene House with mum I cried because we were enveloped with warmth and love.  Within two weeks mum was eating solid food and had her hair and nails done and although still skeletal there was hope.

"When we were told that Irene House was closing as the building wasn't fit for purpose I was devastated and had visions of Mum regressing when moved. We were asked to visit  Guild Care’s Haviland House as a room had become available so with more than a little trepidation I went along. 

Watch Lorraine and Dora speak about their experiences of Haviland House.

"The building was beautiful, but it was the care I was more concerned about. It wasn't long before I knew that not only was Haviland House a beautiful building but it had the staff to match. It took a very short time for mum (and the family) to settle in and mum went from strength to strength, gaining weight and confidence and forming wonderful relationships with her carers, nursing staff, kitchen staff and Sam’s cafe staff, entertainment staff and management alike. It was a joy to watch her transition. We were one big family. Haviland is mum's home and everyone loves her and we love them. 

"Mum has never been a social butterfly and loves her room and the staff encourage her to join in activities and when she does she really enjoys it.  She's made cakes and some of her art work is on the wall in the lounge.  The girls have taken her to McDonalds which she always used to love and also shopping which makes her feel still part of the human race.  She even managed to get her granddaughter (my daughter) a small part in the panto - she was so proud.  She gets very down sometimes because of the loss of her mobility and efforts have been made to help her walk again.  She has taken a few steps! I couldn't wish for more for mum."

Lorraine, Dora's daughter