Legna has hyperkinetic conduct disorder with ADHD, generalised anxiety with specific phobias, autism spectrum disorder and suffers from insomnia.

Legna, 8, has a range of learning disabilities, and has been coming to the Ashdown Centre for a couple of years. In particular she likes making new friends, playing football and the art room.

Heidi, Legna’s mum, said: “I always know that when Legna is at Ashdown she is in a safe environment. She has made some lovely friendships and gets to do lots of fun activities.

“It’s been really difficult to find other services locally that we can use that meet Legna’s needs. So this is a lifeline for us. The staff are amazing and we’ve always been supported as a family by Ashdown. It’s a huge, huge deal that we can come here.

“It’s a really hard being Legna’s parent. It’s a 24-hour job as Legna has insomnia so using Guild Care’s Ashdown service means that I get a much needed break. I know that she is having fun when she is there, so I don’t have to worry about her."