Having worked back-to-back mundane roles with no career progression, Phil decided to make a change.

“I stayed the same level and it just became stagnant and I ended up with an injury that made me finally decide to kick that job in.”

Starting as a Laundry Assistant at our Linfield House care home two days a week in 2010, Phil continued to work across our care homes and one former home over the next 10 years.

After working in laundry for five years, he decided to move into housekeeping.

“When I applied for Housekeeping Manager, it was quite nice that they thought: ‘Let’s give Philip a chance.’ Things like that do make you want to stick around.”

Wanting to broaden his experiences further, Phil became Hotel Services Team Leader at our Caer Gwent care home, where he has been for nearly four years. Specifically, he leads a team of staff who are responsible for the presentation, cleanliness and safety of the home.

Phil credits having the ability to move around Guild Care and try new things as being his reason for staying.

He said: “Moving sites has freshened my experience. Cleaning, laundry - I’ve done all sorts of bits and bobs, seen new faces and met new people. You’re not at a new company, but it’s still a new place to learn.”

Phil enjoys the social aspect of working in the care homes. He said: “I like the interaction on a daily basis with everybody around the home, all the different teams, and the residents. Any bank staff who come, everyone knows who they are, and now even a lot of the regular agency staff, everyone knows their names, so everyone feels a part of the team.

“I’ve never stayed in any other job longer. Three, four years max and I’ve thought: right, time to do something else.”

Guild Care has given Phil the opportunity to progress and gather new experiences without having to go elsewhere. He is allowed to try new things and meet new people.

In the summer of 2019, Caer Gwent hosted a ‘Cowboy and Western Day’ and Phil, who has experience in riding and show jumping, borrowed a friend’s horse to entertain residents in the garden, even donning a cowboy outfit, which he thoroughly enjoyed sporting.