Zach, 9, was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) at an early age. He’s been attending the Ashdown Service for children and young adults with a learning disability for the last four years.

The service runs from the Ashdown Centre and Zach attends every other Saturday and during the school holidays providing valuable respite to his parents.

His father Simon said: “The Ashdown service gives Zach a few hours to be himself in a relaxed, fun and safe environment.  He can just play and we can leave him and we don’t have to worry. This service really is invaluable to parents like us. Zach’s mum works on a Saturday so it also gives me a break for a few hours to do stuff around the house, or a sports activity.

“The staff are just so brilliant with him and he’s made good friends with them, as well as, some of the other children. He’s a very energetic and physical child so he really enjoys going to Ashdown and getting involved with activities like swimming, bowling and climbing. I would recommend Ashdown 100 percent, they are just fantastic."