19th May 2020

Our Better Together service, which was set up in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, has made 1,000 calls.

In line with government guidelines, many of our charity’s services for older people, such as the Friendship Club for over 70s and dementia support services, have been closed for the foreseeable futureNow, staff are supporting over 280 people who used these services with weekly calls. 

Nicki Freeman, Guild Care’s Head of Older People’s Services, said: “Since the lockdown all our services for older people had to be closed, so we’ve been calling our members and carers to check to see how they are doing, to socialise, be their friend and just offering them what support we can. This week we hit our thousandth call! 

“Carers are, of course, dealing with an incredibly testing situation - living with someone with Dementia twenty-four-seven with no real proper rest or break now our Bradbury Wellbeing Centre is closed, has been really tough on them. Our job right now is very much about helping to support their emotional wellbeing.” 


Better Together staff celebrating the 1,000th call

Calls have included singing happy birthday down the end of the phone, reminiscing about life stories, and generally making sure everyone feels safe. 

Feedback from the service has been positive, with members saying ‘My weekly call is really needed to be able to speak to someone … to have a conversation helps me to keep going!’ and ‘I find the calls useful, sometimes I don’t even recognise I have a problem until I start chatting’. 

Nicki added: “Some customers have needed a lot of emotional support, others have needed help to access practical support and for many it is also about reassurance and human contact. I know that they have all been pleased to hear a friendly voice to have a chat and hopefully a little laugh too.” 

To find out more about Better Together please call our Customer Service Team 01903 327327 or use our online form. If you're interested in joining the Guild Care team, you can call our Recruitment Team on 01903 863154.