7th January 2021

A national lockdown came into place on 4th January. However, visits to our care homes can go ahead with a substantial screen in place.

Visitors will be required to take a Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test within the care home, before any visit can commence. Where the LFD test is positive a PCR test will be given and the visitor will be asked to return home to isolate pending the result of the PCR test. If the test is negative, the visit can go ahead.

Visitors will be asked not to enter the premises if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 or they have been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 as part of a ‘health declaration form’.

For more information on our visitor policy, please read our latest care home visitor risk assessment here.

16th October 2020

Following further guidance, we have updated our care home visitor policy to allow a maximum of two constant visitors per resident, not just one. However, all visits will still be supervised to ensure that PPE and social distancing and guidelines are upheld.

If you have any immediate concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your loved one’s Care Home Manager.

25th September 2020

We continue to monitor all local and national guidance very closely to ensure that we safely and effectively adapt to any changes relating to Covid-19.

There has been recent press coverage regarding an increase in cases within West Sussex. Also, the government has announced new guidance for people not to meet in groups of more than six. These recent events have led us to review key guidance relating to visiting arrangements within our care homes.

We are already mindful of the challenges that our residents and their loved ones are facing during this time. We also understand that some of the visiting measures already introduced in our care homes have been hard to accept for some of our residents’ loved ones. However, now we need to make further visiting requests to support our homes in line with the guidance available to us.

With immediate effect we ask that visits to our care homes are now planned within the following guidelines:

  • As a family agree upon only one single constant visitor per resident wherever possible. This is in order to limit the overall numbers of visitors to the care home and the consequent risk of infection.
  • Avoid visiting the home if you have been feeling unwell with a cough, fever or loss of taste and/or smell.
  • Make contact with your loved one’s care home to plan your visit in advance.
  • Complete the Track and Trace form / QR code scan when arriving in the home.
  • Wash your hands upon arrival and before leaving.
  • Wear a face covering throughout your visit. We are able to provide face masks if needed.
  • Understand that your visit will need to be in an agreed area of the home where we are confident that social distancing can be maintained.
  • Understand that the duration of your visit will need to be restricted to an hour. This is to enable as many residents and families to have visits as possible.

We acknowledge that the request to limit visits to one constant visitor per resident may be challenging and seem restrictive. However, we feel that this additional measure is currently vital to protect both our residents and staff.

Our plans are always subject to review by the local Health Protection Team and we have therefore re-established our Covid Action Team. They will meet every Monday to review all available guidance. Please be reassured that we will do everything we can to safely enable more visits as soon as possible.

If you have any immediate concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your loved one’s Care Home Manager.