15th February 2019

Guild Care runs a free furniture collection service for larger donation items throughout Worthing and surrounding areas.

Items need to be assessed on the day before they are taken away, but as long as they are in a reasonable condition and have fire safety labels still attached then Guild care staff will be happy to take them away free of charge.

Guild Care vans will come and collect items which will then be distributed daily to its charity shops by the furniture team. Funds raised from the charity shops go towards the running of vital community services in Worthing.

Dawn West, Guild Care’s Retail Cluster Manager, said: “This free service is ideal for people who are moving, downsizing, or selling a house for a relative and have lots of large furniture they no longer need. The team will also collect multiple bags of items so for example if an elderly person has 5 or 6 bags they’d like to donation but can’t get it to the charity shop themselves, then we’d happily come and pick that up as well. So as long as the items are in reasonable condition we’re very happy to come and collect them and they will be put up for sale in one of our charity shops helping to raise money for children and adults in need.”

So if you have any large donations be it a sofa, wardrobe, bed or electrical appliances or multiple bags of items to donate then just give us a call and we’ll come and collect.

To find out more please call The GreenHouse Donation Centre on 01903 205303 or email [email protected]. Or contact us here.