Up to date as of Monday 9th October

Our care homes are still open to those who need us.

With thanks to our incredible staff and the support from our local hospitals, healthcare professionals, local authorities and relatives, we are safely providing admissions into the care home of your choice.

The way we operate has had to change due to the pandemic, but this hasn’t stopped us delivering the care and wellbeing each of our residents deserve.

This guide answers some of the questions that you may have as you search for a Guild Care care home for yourself or your loved one.

If you would like further information, please get in touch with our friendly Customer Service Team by calling 01903 327327 or by emailing [email protected].

Guild Care are strictly adhering to the advice given to us by the government and Public Health England (PHE). This guide will change periodically when new advice is released.

What happens when I arrive at my chosen care home?

If you arrive from your own home, you will be required to self-isolate in your bedroom at the care home for a period of 14 days, during which time you will be tested for Covid-19.

If you arrive from hospital, as per Public Health England guidance, all new admissions from hospital will be required to self-isolate in their rooms for 14 days. All admissions from hospital will be tested prior to discharge, with the results made available to the home prior to admission.

Why do I have to self-isolate in my room when I arrive? Can I not do this at my own home?

Covid-19 can be carried and transmitted by people who do not show symptoms. By self-isolating for 14 days, we reduce the risk of spreading the virus to others.

How can I view the home?

To protect our residents and staff, we have made the tough decision to only allow essential visits within our care homes. During this time, following government guidance, this means only allowing emergency medical visits and pre-booked socially distanced visits in dedicated visiting environments that are ring-fenced from the rest of the care home.

However, we have produced ‘virtual tours’ of each care home to show you what it looks like inside and out. We can also facilitate ‘live virtual tours’, where we show you around the home and your new room on an iPad in real time. Hopefully these will give you a taste of what is happening around the home and you can ask questions as we go, just like a real visit.

How will you carry out the care assessment during Covid-19?

All new residents have a pre-admission assessment to ensure we have a full understanding of care needs, personality, likes and dislikes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, these will be conducted via video call or telephone – preferably with the prospective resident and somebody else present.

What happens on the day of admission?

On the day of admission, you can bring your loved one to the care home, but only residents may be allowed to enter. During pre-pandemic times, this would in no way be ideal, but we do hope you understand that we do this for the protection and safety of everyone in our care.

New residents will have to stay in their room for the first 14 days. They will receive a Covid-19 test, meet the carers and nurses who will take care of them, and be introduced to the Health and Wellbeing Team.

In these 14 days, you will have regular contact from our staff, meals brought to your room and access to television, Wi-Fi and a telephone. We also encourage using technology to keep in touch with loved ones. We have multiple iPads within our care homes and can arrange video calls with loved ones, if desired.

Regular Covid-19 testing

Each staff member is tested weekly.

Each resident is tested every 28 days.