Our Older People’s Money Service supports people over the age of 50 in completing what can appear to be long and complicated benefit claim forms.

As well as helping with other benefit claims such as PIP and Universal Credit, the main bulk of the service’s work is around supporting people in claiming Attendance Allowance. This is a non means tested benefit that helps those over the age of 65 who are struggling at home with tasks such as washing and dressing, meal preparation, taking their medication and mobility issues. This extra money claimed from the government means that such people can pay for extra help around the home, helping them remain independent in their own homes. This could include support from a carer, cleaner, someone to help with shopping or transport.

This service is extremely busy, with a waiting list of around six weeks and only one full time member of staff in post. A volunteer in the service would therefore be a huge asset.

The volunteer will help to reduce the waiting list time. They will support with Attendance Allowance and Blue Badge applications, either meeting people that use the service at Guild Care or visiting them in their own homes.

Completing an Attendance Allowance form takes up to two hours, whilst a Blue Badge application takes much less time. The forms are straight forward. It is just their length and some of the wording that can put people off of applying.

If you are interested in the role, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator via our online form.