"I have many happy memories of the time that my mum, Rene Norman, and I spent with Guild Care.

Mum attended the day centre, at Methold House, for around 15 years, attending keep fit and Tai Chi classes twice a week. She used to love the entertainment and would often be seen singing and dancing and was known for her ability to accompany the musicians by playing the spoons!

Sadly, mum's first stroke affected her physical and cognitive abilities. But, the staff at Guild Care really helped me build up her confidence to attend again and we often went along together; these were precious times we shared enjoying singing and dancing together.

Mum went on to develop dementia quite quickly and we then accessed services at their Bradbury Wellbeing Centre in Goring; another valuable and life-saving resource for us both. Mum really got so much from Guild Care.

Guild Care then came to my rescue when mum had a second stroke in late November 2016 and was then diagnosed with secondary lung cancer. Mum was only expected to live a few weeks and we felt it was best for her to move into one of Guild Care’s care homes – Linfield House. The fact that she was with us for more than six months is a credit to the care she received at Linfield House.

It was a very hard decision to place mum in a home, but it was only bearable because Linfield House offered to take her. I trusted them and I can honestly say I don’t know what I would have done without their help and support. The staff there were amazing. 

When mum passed away in June 2017, aged 88, Guild Care staff joined us at the funeral. They all really helped me through the most difficult period of my life. One of the songs at mum's funeral was 'Que Sera Sera, what will be, will be'; a classic Guild Care song and one we had all sung together over the years.

It summed up mum's attitude to life, but coping with the 'what will be' would have been so much harder without the love and support of Guild Care. They saw mum through so many stages over the years, both happy ones and towards the end more difficult times. There was always somebody ready to give me a hug. I too felt like an extended part of the Guild Care family."

Jo, Rene's daughter

Rene Norman with her Daughter Jo. Rene was a regular user of our day services for over 15 years. She then had a stroke and spent her final months in our care home Linfield House.

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