Each year our dedicated Transport Team makes thousands of journeys from people’s homes to our services and back again. Thanks to them, many people who would otherwise not be able to join our services can attend and meet with their friends.

The Guild Care Transport Team is at the heart of reducing isolation and loneliness. The people who use the transport service say their day starts from the moment they are picked up by one of the fantastic Transport Team.

Alex Brooks-Johnson, our charity’s CEO, recently spent a day with the Transport Team and was awestruck at the impact the team have on those they are supporting. He said, “The care, dedication, and professionalism shown by Bob and Jeff is exactly what Guild Care is all about. They do so much more than just pick people up and drop people off, they brighten up people’s lives.”

Bob, Jeff, and Valerie the minibus

Conversation and banter flows from the moment the team says hello to the time they wave goodbye. They are great at making sure everyone is involved in the conversation and their day starts and ends well. Transport at Guild Care isn’t just about getting people from A to B, the team take time to get to know each of the individuals: their likes, dislikes, and their favourite seats on the bus.

Importantly, the team also knows if something isn’t quite right. For example, Bob knew something was wrong when he went to collect a one of our regulars. She would normally be waiting for him at the door and give him a big wave when he pulled up, but on this day, she wasn’t there. Bob rang the doorbell but got no response. This lady was always very good at letting Bob know if she didn’t need a lift, so he knew he needed to act. It transpired this lady had suffered a stroke. Bob’s quick thinking and knowledge of the passengers meant she was able to receive the medical assistance she needed.

Some of the Guild Care fleet ready to go!

Bob started as a Volunteer Minibus Driver and has been Guild Care’s Transport Maintenance Officer for 10 years, of which he said, “This is the best and most rewarding job I have ever had.” He went on to explain that this job has helped him to become a better person and seeing people’s faces light up when they are collected is a huge part of why he loves his job so much.

Many people in Worthing rely on the Transport Team to get them safely to their favourite activities. For a lot of those people, it’s the only time they go out in a week and see other people.

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