By Jolanta Harbuz, Linfield House home manager, Guild Care

There is a special family feel at Guild Care’s Linfield House, where our residents meet like-minded individuals and enjoy activities to suit all interests and abilities. This was certainly the case for two special residents, who soon struck up a friendship when they joined us.

Hilary moved into Linfield House in December last year, just one week after Lotte. Despite never meeting previously, the two residents have built a firm friendship and together they enjoy a variety of activities on offer at Linfield House.

Caring for all at Linfield House

Our residents at Linfield House come to us with different needs and require tailored care and support. The same is true in our other Worthing homes, Caer Gwent and Haviland House.

Hilary moved to Linfield House after having a fall at home and subsequently spending time at Worthing Hospital. Those closest to Hilary felt she would benefit from the dedicated dementia care available at Linfield House, where she has her own bedroom, ensuite bathroom and nurse-led support.

Lotte previously lived in London but fell ill, resulting in a hospital stay after which her daughter, who lives in Worthing, researched care homes and discovered Linfield House.

Friends Lotte and Hilary at Linfield House

The two ladies moved here just one week apart, under different circumstances, yet still found a common bond when they decided to try some of the daily activities available to all residents.

Speaking about their friendship, Lotte said: “Our lives have been completely different but we liked each other from the start and we’re still friends!”

At Linfield House, we are experts in getting to know each and every resident, particularly when they first join us as it’s important that we understand as much as possible about their needs, interests and background.

We do this by speaking to their loved ones as well as the residents themselves. Through our conversations with Lotte, we found that she has a lifelong interest in poetry and creative writing, so we knew that our Poetry Hour sessions would be a great activity for her to try.

“When I was 44, I stopped working and spent three years studying for an English Literature degree. It was something I wanted to do because I’d always wanted to write stories and poems,” Lotte said.

Our Poetry Hour sessions allowed her to revisit and recite her poems for other residents to enjoy. Hilary explains: “Lotte used to write poetry as a hobby and I’m delighted to go along to Poetry Hour and hear what she’s written, she’s really very good.”

Hilary at Linfield House

Lotte says: “I enjoy lots of the activities here. Life would be very boring if you didn’t try things.” Hilary adds: “They organise lots of functions at Linfield House. Every week on my bed they leave a menu showing the choices for the coming week, and an activities schedule. There’s something going on every day.”

If you would like to find out more about the activities at Linfield House we would be happy to show you around. For more information about Guild Care’s homes and services, please contact our friendly customer relationship team on 01903 327327 or [email protected].

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