Members and guests came together at Haviland House on Friday, September 15, for the annual meeting and a 90th birthday vintage afternoon tea to celebrate Guild Care's support for the community of Worthing and surrounding areas.
Here's what we had to say:
CEO Alex Brooks-Johnson: "After three challenging years, Guild Care stands stronger, more resilient, and ready to make a bigger social impact. We're blazing a trail, reducing isolation, and embracing a bold, ambitious strategy for the future."
CFO Warren Fabes: "We faced financial headwinds, but thanks to your support, our charity shops thrived. We're committed to modernising our services, joining forces for dementia care, and ensuring all those in need live fulfilling, safe lives."
Chairman Peter Kinsey: "Guild Care's culture is truly special. For nearly a century, we've been making a difference. From drumming sessions to Creating Connections, we combat loneliness and provide vital support."
Bea, an 86-year-old member of our Creating Connections service: "Guild Care has been amazing since my husband passed away. I cherish the smiles and the wonderful experiences."
Deputy Lieutenant Margaret Bamford: "Worthing is fortunate to have an organisation like Guild Care—a true jewel."
Thank you to all who've supported us. Together, we're making a positive impact on lives! 💙
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Roy, one of our long-standing volunteers, also reached a remarkable milestone this year—his 90th birthday!
Sweet celebrations for our 90th
Our Chairman, Peter, and CEO, Alex, shared the stories of resilience and progress at Guild Care.
Deputy Lieutenant Margaret Bamford, who was involved in fundraising for Haviland House back in 2014, thanked everyone for their hard work.
Bea, 86, spoke about how Creating Connections had helped her since her husband passed away in December.
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