By Kevin Burke, Director of Care Homes and Dementia Services, at Guild Care

In our care homes - Haviland House, Linfield House and Caer Gwent - we offer a wide range of activities and events that are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of those living with us.

For residents living with dementia at Haviland House, our focus revolves around activities that foster reminiscence, provide sensory stimulation and instil a sense of purpose.

Our Haviland House care home offers dedicated residential and nursing care in an environment built specifically for people with  dementia. The home consists of five households, each suited to the varying needs of people living with dementia.

Inclusive exercise
Here at Guild Care, we recognise that exercise can be profoundly beneficial for people living with dementia – both physically and mentally.

Led by trained physiotherapists, our Haviland House exercise classes not only keep everyone healthy, but they also help create energy in the home. Our Love to Move sessions, which feature a mix of yoga, stretches, and other non-strenuous exercises, are particularly popular with our residents.

Our Stay Still and be Fit sessions are perfect for those who prefer lighter activities, as Kerri Sparrowe, our Care Needs Co-ordinator and Dementia Lead explains: “These classes are perfect for those who need relaxing and engaging exercises that can be done from the comfort of their chair – it’s all about creating an inclusive environment where everyone can take part!”

Reminiscence and relaxation
We also offer sensory Namaste hand massage therapy, which works well for individuals who may have lost speech and sight due to dementia. These sessions are individually tailored and focused on bringing back memories by incorporating familiar songs and scents from the past.

As Kerri adds: “Sensory therapy is a really amazing way for people to access memories, feelings and emotions that they may otherwise find difficult to get in touch with. It’s so heart-warming to see our residents taking a trip down memory lane, while listening to music that means something to them.”

Furry friends for all!
Aside from these activities, we often invite the ever-popular Pets as Therapy dogs to visit us. For residents who have had pets before, we find that stroking and playing with these animals helps to bring back memories.

For those who may not be as keen on real pets, we also have a number of lifelike robotic dogs and cats, to ensure that everybody can enjoy the boost to mental health that a pet brings, without the energy that is required to look after one.

Activities at Haviland House, and across all our care homes, are so much more than a time-filler. Our team tailors everything to the needs and interests of each resident, and our sessions are an important part of the holistic care we provide. They are a huge boost to our residents' well-being, allowing them to live well and enjoy life with us at Guild Care.

For more information about Haviland House, or Guild Care’s other homes and services, or to sign up to our funding and planning care event at Haviland House on 19th January, please contact our friendly customer relationship team on 01903 327327 or [email protected]

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