By Kevin Burke, director of care homes and dementia services

Activities are a central part of life at all three of our Worthing care homes – Haviland House, Linfield House and Caer Gwent. We encourage residents to take part in as much meaningful activity as possible, knowing the positive difference it can make to their physical and mental wellbeing.

Our activity programmes are meticulously planned by our health and wellbeing co-ordinators and tailored to the needs and preferences of each resident. For individuals living with dementia, for example, we focus on activities that help with reminiscence, provide sensory stimulation, and give individuals a sense of purpose.

In all of our homes we focus on activities that will bring our residents joy. Musicians and performers are a popular choice, using familiar songs to get everyone moving, even dancing and singing. Sammy Paynter, health and wellbeing co-ordinator at Caer Gwent, told me: “Music can make our residents feel like they’re back in their 20s again – it’s a lovely sight!”

L: Residents at Caer Gwent enjoy a drum fit session- a very popular activity, R: Caer Gwent's Health and Wellbeing Coordinator Sammy Paynter participating in a drum fit session with a resident

We also encourage residents to try new experiences. Our popular Drum Fit sessions, for example, are held at all 3 homes and involve rhythmic beats and movement. These not only help to keep our residents active, but they also create a lively atmosphere and put smiles on faces all over the home.

For those who prefer a slightly lighter form of exercise, health and wellbeing co-ordinator Sammy highlights the popularity of an alternative activity: “Many of our residents are big fans of the Chair Yoga sessions. These involve relaxing and non-strenuous exercise – and even our oldest resident, who is 102, loves them!”

Home activities are often designed to stimulate minds and bring people together

We also focus on activities that stimulate minds. These include light-hearted quizzes and themed bingo, both of which provide residents with the perfect opportunity to work together to find the right answer. One resident told us: “the atmosphere is always so upbeat and fun”.

Our residents enjoy connecting with the outdoors too. Carefully designed spaces, such as the balcony at Linfield House and the sensory summer house at Haviland House, provide a chance to relax and even enjoy some light gardening. Many residents love to immerse themselves in this peaceful corner of nature. When the weather gets colder, we also have an indoor garden room at Haviland, where our residents can continue tending to plants.

Keeping our residents close to nature can help them to feel more at ease, and many are keen gardeners. For individuals living with dementia our sensory gardens are popular, as the sights and sounds of wildlife can be comforting.

Activities are not just about filling time. Our team knows how to tailor them to the unique needs and interests of our residents. As such, they form a key part of the holistic care that we provide, helping our residents to live well and enjoy life at Guild Care.

For more information about Guild Care and the activities that we offer in our care homes, please contact our friendly enquiries team on 01903 327327 or email [email protected]

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