By Kevin Burke, director of care homes and dementia services at Guild Care

Caring for someone with dementia can be an emotional and challenging time. As symptoms progress, the need for additional support often becomes more apparent. For full-time caregivers, finding time for yourself amidst these responsibilities can be a real struggle. But it’s important to remember that help is available.

As Worthing’s leading social care charity, we offer vital assistance to people living with dementia - through our care homes and day care services. We also adapt to deliver the right level of care as needs evolve, ensuring stability, peace of mind, and a forever home for all.

To give you a glimpse into the dementia services we offer, we spoke to Brian. Brian’s wife, Debbie, has lived with us at Haviland House - our purpose-built dementia home that caters to people living with different stages of the condition - for 18 months.

Moving into our care

After Debbie was diagnosed with PSP, a rare form of Parkinsons, Brian came to Guild Care for additional support.

"I took on the responsibility of looking after Debbie for a long time. But after falling ill myself, Guild Care were there to lend a helping hand with their Haviland Day Service and domiciliary care - they made a real difference for us both.", said Brian.

Our domiciliary service provides a support system for older people who are living independently but require day-to-day assistance. Our Haviland Day Services offer inclusive, fun and stimulating activities for people living with dementia – all carried out in a safe and supportive environment.

“As Debbie's condition progressed, we decided to look for a dedicated care home, leading us to Haviland House. We felt a bit nervous at first, but the surroundings and staff put us at ease right away – it’s such a lovely place!", Brian added.

A team with clinical expertise

Our team at Haviland House undergoes continuous dementia training, helping them to see the world from our residents' perspective. This understanding enables them to provide respectful and compassionate dementia care, whilst going the extra mile for those who live with us.

With fully-qualified nurses across all of our homes, our team can quickly recognise if anybody is unwell or needs a little extra support. This approach is particularly important for individuals with dementia, where early detection and tailored care can significantly enhance their overall well-being.

A real sense of community

Across our three homes, Haviland House, Linfield House and Caer Gwent, we take a personalised approach to care. This helps us to prioritise the wellbeing of every resident. A big part of this is ensuring that our residents and their loved ones feel like they’re a part of the Guild Care family, where everyone is loved and respected.

As Brian says: “The carers at Haviland House make the place feel like a community – everyone is so friendly! A lot of the carers are still the same faces that were here on our first day, which is so nice for Debbie”.

Our mission is to deliver care with love and expertise – helping our residents to live well and enjoy life. For more information about Guild Care or our three care homes please contact our friendly customer relationship team on 01903 327327 or [email protected]

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