By Clare Feest, Home Manager, Caer Gwent

It’s a privilege to relive memories with our residents, from family occasions to special holidays. But we also know the importance of creating new memories, which is why we offer a comprehensive calendar of events and activities that our residents can enjoy with their loved ones.

One of our homes, Caer Gwent, is set in a quiet area in Worthing, combining superb residential living with 24-hour expert nursing care and support for individuals living with complex health conditions offering a forever home for all as needs change.

Holistic care, to suit all needs

We recognise that physical and emotional care are equally important to the wellbeing of our residents. That’s why we host a wide range of activities that are designed to keep our residents’ minds and bodies engaged – from gentle exercise classes like chair yoga, to themed tea dances.

The key benefit of person-centred care is that every resident receives a care experience that’s tailored to them. Some people enjoy a cup of tea and a group chat, whereas others might prefer to join one of our rhythmic drumming sessions. The important thing is that we have something to offer everyone, which helps to create a safe and loving environment.

We also ensure that everyone staying with us enjoys plenty of one-to-one time. This enables us to build stronger bonds with our residents, and deliver the best possible care with compassion, warmth and expertise.

Sharing fond memories

Alongside offering new experiences, we regularly provide opportunities for our residents to revive fond memories, such as sharing stories of holidays and adventures. One example of this is through our popular armchair travel sessions, where residents can take a trip down memory lane with the help of modern technology.

During these events, our health and wellbeing coordinator, Sammy invites everyone to join her with a virtual passport and boarding pass to a new destination. Sammy shares facts, photos and historical information about the country, before inviting residents to reminisce about their travels over the years and share photos and stories with one another. The armchair travel sessions typically end with music and dancing celebrating the destination of the day and a themed menu to enjoy.

Creating Connections

As well as opening our doors to family and friends, we also regularly host visitors from Creating Connections, a warm and welcoming Guild Care service for people aged 65 and over living in Worthing. It supports people to remain independent in their own homes and aims to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. Not only does this enable users of the service to regularly join us to experience life at Caer Gwent, but it also provides an opportunity for our residents to socialise with friends old and new.

Caer Gwent is a forever home, and the specialist support we offer evolves as our residents’ needs change. But we also know that it’s these small moments that bring joy to our residents, helping them to live well, enjoy life and love every day.

For more information about Guild Care’s homes and services, please contact our friendly customer relationship team on 01903 327327 or [email protected].

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