29th November 2021

One of our residents has celebrated his 86th birthday, celebrating by seeing loved ones and enjoying a delicious football cake. 

Steve has been a resident at Caer Gwent for the last two years, and has this year celebrated with his fellow residents and relatives by having a tea party with coffee and cake. 

Steve, whose birthday was on 23rd November, said: “I didn’t want too much commotion for my birthday, but I wanted to thank everyone for a wonderful time, and it definitely was the best birthday in a long time.” 

As an ex-footballer and a passionate Arsenal supporter, Steve is looking forward to the World Cup next year. For his birthday, Rob, who works at Connect Cateringkindly made Steve a football-themed cake to help him celebrate his special day and favourite team. 

Steve said: “That Arsenal cake was the real cherry on top of my day, and it tasted brilliant too. I might see if we can get one made every month.

Outside of football Steve enjoys listening to Frank Sinatra and reading the newspaper to keep himself up to date with the latest news. 

According to Care Home Manager, Clare Feest, Steve can often be found participating in exercises or playing bingo with the other residents. 

Clare said: “It’s great to see the residents getting involved in our activities like exercising, going for walks and arts and crafts, but there is always something special about a birthday celebration. 

After a difficult 18-months, it has been even more important that we all celebrate and cherish every milestone. It was a pleasure to see Steve enjoy his birthday get together, and that brilliant cake. Happy 86 years young to Steve.” 

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