17th October

Guild Care’s Singing for Fun group, which helps combat isolation and poor health, is looking for more members.

Husband and wife Roger and Sheila Sharman started the group after singing helped them whilst they were suffering with their own health issues.

Roger said, “I’ve got bad lungs and when I left work I was looking for something to help, so I joined a little singing group in Brighton and I found singing did help my breathing.”

Roger and Sheila, who run the Singing for Fun group

Singing for Fun is a spin-off of the group Singing for Better Health, run by Udita Everett with six groups in Brighton and Hove. Udita generously gave the couple the words and music to start their group and trained Roger in breathing exercises.  

They believe your health and wellbeing can benefit from singing, by using a combination of specific relaxation, posture and breathing exercises.

When Roger and Sheila realised there was a demand for a singing group in the Worthing area they contacted Guild Care. Their singing venture started with only five attendees but has now grown to an impressive 35 - 40 people attending each week, all with a range of health conditions and abilities. The group helps tackle isolation and loneliness, where friendships have developed and blossomed through the company of singing.

The couple are now looking to expand their group even further and reach even more older people in the local area who have a desire to meet new people, benefit from breathing exercises and enjoy singing the classics with no singing ability needed.

The group meet at Methold House where they are provided with song books kindly donated to the couple from Cardiac Rehab Support West Sussex, or with lyrics projected onto the screen to songs they’re all familiar with. 

Roger and Sheila stress that their group isn’t a choir, but a group of people coming together to sing the songs they love such as the likes of Bob Marley, The Beatles and Abba.

Roger said, “It’s music from people’s youth, so they know the words and they enjoy singing it.”  

Singing for Fun runs every Tuesday from 3.15pm – 4.45pm at the Guild Care Centre, Methold House, North Street, Worthing BN11 1DU.

The Guild Care Centre runs a range of health and well-being services for older people to enjoy themselves and have fun with other like-minded people. They support and encourage people to remain active and enjoy a healthy and fun lifestyle whatever your interests or abilities.

Anyone aged from 50 to over 100 is welcome to enjoy a wide range of activities and classes including arts & crafts, bingo, computing, exercise, musical entertainment and much more.

For more information on the group or Guild Care, please call the enquiries team on 01903 327327 or get in touch via our online form here.

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