Kerri Sparrowe, a dedicated Care Needs Coordinator and Dementia Lead at our Haviland House care home, showcased remarkable courage and compassion as she embarked on a daring adventure to raise funds for Guild Care. On the 27th of August, Kerri soared through the skies in a heart-pounding skydive, ultimately generating over £1,000.

Kerri's extraordinary act of bravery involved a leap from an astounding altitude of 10,000 feet, where she faced her fears head-on, demonstrating unwavering determination to support Guild Care's cause.

In her own words, Kerri Sparrowe said, "I had seen that Guild Care had advertised that people can do a sponsored skydive, and this has always been something on my bucket list, so I was immediately tempted! I sat on the idea for about 6 months, mainly due to fear of the unknown! I then impulsively decided that if I do not do it now, I never will, so I booked it! As they say, you only live once!"

She continued, "I wanted to give back to Guild Care for the amazing opportunities they have offered to me throughout my 4 years of working here. I strongly believe in their values and their vision and mission, therefore if there is anything I can do to support this, then I will. The experience was incredible. I will admit that I was very scared, especially when they opened the plane doors, but I can confirm it was 100% worth it! It is an experience I would recommend that people do at least once in their lifetime if they are able to."

Kerri's skydive has already inspired others, including some of her colleagues at Haviland House, who have expressed interest in doing their own skydives for Guild Care in the future.


"I am incredibly grateful for all the support I received when fundraising," Kerri added. "I never expected to raise the amount that I did! People are already asking me what my next adventure will be."

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Kerri for her incredible contribution. Her dedication and fearlessness serve as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the extraordinary impact a single individual can have when they wholeheartedly embrace a cause they believe in.

If you are interested in fundraising for Guild Care, please visit

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