As Worthing’s leading social care charity, Guild Care are committed to achieving and maintaining high standards of care across its three care homes and a diverse range of community services supporting older people, people living with dementia, and children & adults with learning disabilities. 

At Guild Care, we regularly inspects our own services to ensure those high standards are exceeded, or to find areas which require more focus so that the service quality remains seamless. 

Renata and John at Caer Gwent

Working to a similar process as the Care Quality Commission, the Safety & Compliance team at Guild Care audits their residential care homes and instigates mock inspections to check that their services are safe, responsive, effective, caring and well-led. 

Caer Gwent, the luxury residential care home in a quiet residential area of Worthing, has recently passed its team’s inspection with flying colours. 

Les Poplawski, Director of Safety & Compliance at Guild Care, said “We asked for individual or group feedback from people living at Caer Gwent, their relatives & visitors and members of staff, and received so many positive responses about the care and leadership at Caer Gwent. 

“Our inspection team also observed the care and support offered to individual residents and reviewed the record-keeping and care pathways to make sure everything was correct and thorough. Following a very detailed inspection, Caer Gwent has received a rating of ‘Good’ for each key question with one quality statement - ‘Independence, choice and control’- rated as ‘Outstanding’.”

Clare Feest leads the team at Caer Gwent, where she’s worked for the past 22 years. Clare’s deputy manager, Terri Needham, heads the senior care team, care supervisors and care assistants, working closely with the in-house registered nurses on care planning. Clare and Terri have worked together for more than 7 years, creating a warm and welcoming environment for residents and their families, with care which is dignified and respectful, whilst promoting independence.

Clare said, “We’re delighted to have been rated as ‘Good’ at this inspection as it shows the systems and processes are all in place to create an environment that’s comfortable, enjoyable and secure. The family feel of Caer Gwent has evolved over many years, and it’s something which makes our home even more special, for both residents and staff.”

In response to being asked about whether staff are kind and respect their wishes, residents’ comments included, “Oh yes definitely to the best of their ability. They go above and beyond and treat you like family. They really spring off each other and create a fun family atmosphere.”

For a happy home, all staff need to feel valued too. When asked what they like about their work, one of the team replied “Everything! To me, the job does not feel like a job. Mostly, I like the family atmosphere and fun activities.”

Another commented that working at Caer Gwent is “very rewarding and a great atmosphere. I enjoy the routine and it is very well organised here.”

Caer Gwent provides expert care with an emphasis on the personal needs of each resident thanks to  a dedicated, well-established management team. Along with peace of mind this brings, residents are invited to relax and enjoy life, with new activities and friendships along the way.

If you’d like to find out more or to arrange an appointment to visit Caer Gwent, call Guild Care on 01903 327327 or visit Caer Gwent care home (

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