Meet Dora

Dora first arrived at our Irene House care home and is now with us at Haviland House. Her daughter talks about the special care she's had and how she's flourished.Read more

Meet Darcy

Darcy has been coming to the Ashown Centre since she was 5. It's where I feel safe and I can be with my friends.Read more

Meet Benn

Benn has been using our Ashdown Extra service since 2012 which is a group for young adults with learning disabilities.Read more

Meet Christine

Christine has made lots of new friends since she started coming to the Guild Care Centre. It's her social life!Read more

Meet Ben

Brothers Ben and Josh have enjoyed many activities since attending the Ashdown Centre which supports children with a disability and their siblings.Read more

Meet Trevor

Trevor uses Guild Care's Bradbury Wellbeing Centre, a service which supports people with dementia who are still living in the community and gives their carer a well earned break.Read more

Rene's story

Rene attended the Guild Care Centre for over 15 years. Following a stroke she was able to access some of our support services and finally our Linfield House care home.Read more

Edna's story

Edna was a regular visitor at the Guild Care Centre and was also cared for at two of our care homes.Read more

Meet Jean

Jean is a regular user of Guild Care's day centre for older people. She started visiting after she lost her son and it has now become part of her life.Read more

Meet Doreen

Doreen uses our community transport service and it has made a real difference to her life.Read more